We’ve been so busy working on our 2017 goals that we haven’t had the chance to write our usual weekly blog post (no excuse, right?)…BUT our partners over at Covet Fashion inspired us to get back to it with the incredible message they are spreading…

If you haven’t heard of Covet Fashion, you’re totally missing out! Covet is a Styling app that makes today's hottest fashion accessible by digitizing the latest collections from over 175 top contemporary brands, including Stella Valle!  They take the fashion pieces and put them directly at the hands of millions of users every month to experiment with and express their personal style. These users then get to virtually shop, style and even purchase their favorite items straight from e-commerce.  How amazing is that?

We partnered with Covet Fashion in their early days in 2013 and we’ve done a number of projects together. Our paths just seem to keep aligning!  This month, Covet re-imagined their look to include virtual models that embrace more forms of beauty, inclusive of skin colors, facial features, shapes and heights. This is an initiative that both Stella Valle and Covet feel very passionately about, as it comes at a time when women are speaking out about the importance of how they are represented in fashion. We are proud that Covet is playing a part in celebrating individuality and diversity and encouraging positive change in the way women see themselves! 

Covet created a touching video that goes one step further than just representing many different women on their app.  They produced a video called, A Beautiful Perspective: How Compliments Can Empower  that showcases the power of compliments in the hopes that every woman will not only accept herself and feel beautiful, but accept others around her as well. 

Here at Stella Valle, we are getting ready to share a very similar message in our I AM A WOMAN WARRIOR #Be One Campaign.  We can’t wait to share our empowering message for women tomorrow! Be on the look out for our posts and NATIONAL TV COMMERCIAL on networks such as E!, Bravo, Lifetime, OWN, We TV, Hallmark, and CNN Headline, to learn how to BE A WOMAN WARRIOR!

In the meantime, check out Covet Fashion by downloading the app here. And don’t forget to GIVE A COMPLIMENT TODAY AND EVERYDAY! It can make a difference in other lives!

Lots of Love + Success,

Ashley + Paige


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