Sports Center is on constant repeat in our households because our husbands are both huge sports fans.  Have you noticed we’ve been channeling our love for sports on Instagram all this week? It was hard not to overhear the press conference video of Tony Romo addressing fans about his season ending injury and the rookie that took his spot. It actually made us stop and listen and want to listen again and again. It gave us chills, it made us tear up, and it made us respect Tony a lot. 

We realized that his message doesn’t just apply to the leader of a football team; it applies to leaders period. We instantly applied it to being an entrepreneur leading a start up that is trying to inspire and empower women.  Here’s what we learned:

  • Your true leadership ability shows through when things go bad: Think about that. When things are going well, it’s easy to be positive, motivated, and share good news. But how do you respond when things aren’t so great? This is when your team is relying on you the most, and you must be the strongest.
  • Build a meritocracy: Tony Romo loves football because you earn your spot. We love entrepreneurship for the same reason- you get what you earn. We are responsible for earning every dollar that comes into the company. While it’s extremely stressful at times, it’s liberating and rewarding when you work hard to achieve your goals. We believe it’s important to build a meritocratic culture in a startup. Encourage people to earn their right to move up and earn more.
  • Your team will determine your success: It’s not always about you- If you can inspire and empower your team you will be a thousand times more successful. The better the team is the better you are!


When you and your team all have the same goals in mind, a shared a commitment to winning as a team, you will be the best and strongest you can be, and you will find great joy and freedom in that. Accessorize with our Strong, Mighty, and Freedom Rings to remind yourself to work hard to earn your success and empower your team. Thanks for the inspiration Tony!


Lots of Love + Success,

Ashley + Paige



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