Meet Ayzia James: This Woman Warrior Encourages Women to Love Themselves

Today's Woman Warrior nomination goes to Ayzia James. When asked what makes her a Woman Warrior, Ayzia responded, "I am a Woman Warrior because I use my platform to encourage other women to love themselves just the way they are! With my fashion and lifestyle blog I share tips that have worked for me, whether it’s finding products for naturally curly hair, make up for women of color, or clothes for girls with curves. 

Fashion has always made me feel empowered. I was first introduced to the world of fashion design and styling in 9th grade when I took a fashion course. I fell in love. I loved creating garments and seeing the process start to finish. Over my high school years I realized I was more interested in the editorial and marketing aspects of the industry. Fashion allows me to express myself to the world in a way nothing else can, and that’s why I love working in this industry. I love helping women express themselves! When women reach out to me and tell me how I have helped them to embrace something about themselves it makes me so happy. My goal is to always be a woman uplifting other women!

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