Meet Kaylee Frazier: This Woman Warrior uses the Adversity She Faces to Help Others

Today's Woman Warrior nomination goes to Kaylee Frazier. When asked what it means to be a Woman Warrior, Kaylee responded, "Each of us will face challenges and devastation but how we respond to that is really important. I believe we all have a story in our struggles that if we share, could truly help others. I use my own adversity of losing my brother to help other siblings going through the grieving process. Siblings are often nicknamed the “forgotten mourners” and it’s essential to me that I show them I understand what they are going through and that it’s okay to be struggling. I share my dedication to continuing my brother’s legacy by volunteering in my local community, to others in hope, that when they are ready,  they can use their own grief to impact their communities.

When I lost my brother last May, I was challenged to continue his legacy of compassion and selflessness. Going through the grieving process, I quickly found out there’s not many resources for siblings and siblings are often nicknamed the “forgotten mourners”. I realized I had to help other siblings so I started helping out a local grief center and focused solely on siblings. But I still didn’t felt as if I had so much more to give back to my community. Being a military spouse, honoring our military is extremely important to me. I joined some great organizations (Travis Manion Foundation, Team RWB, and wear blue: run to remember) to honor our fallen and their families as well as help veterans. These organizations also partner with local runs, so as a runner I started dedicating my runs in honor of the fallen, as well as veterans impacting their communities. To me, it’s so important to remember and honor those who have given everything for our country and show those families that we do remember their loved one’s sacrifice. Using my own grief to run with purpose or help others grieving, has helped me find my purpose while honoring my brother. As a mom, I hope my daughter will learn to use whatever adversities she faces to help others, or impact her community.

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