Meet Monique: This month's Woman Warrior is a FIGHTER and a SURVIVOR.

This month's Woman Warrior Wednesday nomination goes to Monique Viger. When asked what it means to be a Woman Warrior, Monique responded, "A Woman Warrior stands her ground & doesn’t give in to the pressures and circumstances of life. She takes up her sword and she fights the enemy all the while using each battle to strengthen her character and help her to grow and mature as a woman. She chooses to become a better version of herself instead of caving to bitterness and resentment. She uses what she has fought through and overcome to help others through similar situations."

Throughout her life, Monique has managed to overcome an unimaginable amount of adversity. For over 20 years, Monique has fought a battle of a Crohn’s Disease. With this diagnosis came 14 major surgeries, 5 encounters with death and numerous amounts of doctors visits, tests and trials of medications. Monique's positivity has allowed her to view her diagnosis as an enhancement, not a detriment. 

Monique is also a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and through the power of prayer and resilience, she has healed mentally, emotionally and physically. She made the decision to turn her suffering into strength for those that have endured similar situations. In reflecting on her journey, Monique says, "I have lost count of how many beautiful souls I’ve been blessed with and had the opportunity to touch, encourage and inspire over the years. I truly believe that is part of my purpose in life. God has amazingly blessed me beyond measure with life, love and true joy."

Monique has made it her mission to pour that positivity back into the lives of others struggling with similar situations. She believes in better over bitter; in hope after diagnosis; and that we all have a purpose to give back on this earth.

Monique, it was an honor to feature you as our Woman Warrior. We are confident that you will continue to use your strength and resilience as a healing tool for others facing challenges. You are an absolute inspiration who exudes confidence, mental toughness and kindness and you truly embody everything it means to be a Woman Warrior. 

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How can I be featured as a Woman Warrior? 

We want YOU to show us what makes you a Woman Warrior. Each month, we will select a Woman Warrior to be featured on our social media and email blasts. Submit your story through our Woman Warrior Wednesday page on the Stella Valle website!

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Lots of Love + Success, 
Ashley + Paige


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Lindsay Dellavalle

Her positivity and triumph is such an inspiration!

Paige Walker

Monique, You’ve inspired me through your story with all that you’ve been through while keeping such a positive outlook on life! Always keep your strength and resilience! Thank you for sharing with our Stella Valle family your story and being the ULTIMATE Woman Warrior! #BeOne

Lots of Love + Success!

Jeanne Irvine

What a beautiful tribute and an inspiration!

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