Our Modern Charm Bars are lighting up across America!

We love our Retail Partners! We had a busy summer of rolling out our new Modern Charm fixtures in retail stores throughout the country. Just last month, we installed 7 Modern Charm Bars in new boutiques. Our retail partners that have chosen to carry the fixtures have literally transformed sections of their stores into the ultimate interactive Stella Valle shopping experience. Made in Rhode Island by Custom Design Inc., each fixture is custom-made, functional, sleek and modern.

Each fixture looks unique in specific stores, and we can't get enough of seeing how great they look!  Check out some of our new stores... 

Annie’s Hallmark Baldoria opened in 1989 as a small, family-run gift store.  Selling cards, gifts, children's products, home decor and holiday inspiration, Annie’s quickly became popular in the Salem and Londonderry, NH area. After 25 years, three renovations, and two expansions, Annie’s remains a local favorite for unique, hard-to-find gifts for all occasions.

Blue Jasmine prides itself on offering unique jewelry and accessories for women of all ages. It is their customer base that inspires them to continue looking for affordable unique and stylish gifts. Blue Jasmine also prides itself on giving back to the community. They provide sponsorships for all the local high schools, Pilot Club, Jess Parrish Medical Fund and more. 

Located in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, Mykonos Boutique is a one-stop fashion & accessories shop. Stop in for the latest trends and hottest styles! 

Glow opened its doors in November of 2009 offering luxurious product lines and services all new to Troy! It has since become a hot spot in the world of beauty and offers a wide range of unique accessories. Glow has also become the "go to" place for jewelry and fashion accessories with their gorgeous selection at affordable prices. 

We custom designed our Modern Charm Bars to perfectly merchandise our jewelry collections in any store setting. The sleek, modern design brings a new element to our retail partner shops and gives the customer an interactive, unique Stella Valle shop-in-shop experience. We couldn't be happier with the results and can't wait to see Stella Valle continue to light up across America! 

Interested in becoming a retail partner? Send us an email! 

Lots of Love + Success,
Paige & Ashley 



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