Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day, an important day at the Stella Valle headquarters, because we get excited about thanking our Veteran brother and sisters for their service!

This year, we decided to share an intimate email Ashley sent to her closest family and friends from Afghanistan in April of 2008. Our mom saved and printed every email she sent from Afghanistan! At this point, Ashley had been deployed for 13 of the 15 months of her tour. She traveled through almost every part of the eastern part of Afghanistan. She was stationed at a rural base located in the town of Sharana, about 30km from the Pakistan border. While deployed, Ashley served as an Operation Officer for an Engineer Brigade that was building roads, schools, and infrastructure in country, as well as clearing roads of improvised explosive devises.  She was specifically responsible for planning and leading all of the missions and convoys for her brigade commander. She visited some of the most dangerous areas of country in some of the most dangerous times in the country.

Despite being in danger, one thing that energized Ashley while deployed, was seeing Afghan women’s lives improve. She met some amazing Women Warriors persevering through some disturbing discrimination. When she saw young girls in school, women journalists, or even women walking in town, she knew it was progress! It is crazy to think women weren’t allowed to go to school, leave their house without a full burka or without a male, and had multiple husbands!

While Ashley isn’t still in Afghanistan, we are doing what we can to inspire and empower women everywhere to be themselves and pursue their dreams! 

We hope you enjoy this inside look into Ashley’s tour in Afghanistan!



Lots of Love + Success,

Ashley + Paige




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Paige Walker

Thank you Kayla! We appreciate your following and hope you continue to grow with us. XOXO Ashley + Paige

Paige Walker

Linda- WOW! Thank you for sharing and being such an inspiration in so many ways! You are amazing and I am so glad that you shared your story. We currently are donating to the National Breast Cancer Foundation an organization near and dear to our hearts with our mom being a breast cancer survivor too. We would love to send you one of those pieces we did for the NBCF in Afghanistan just as a little reminder that women back home are thinking of you, praying for you, and thanking you for all that you do! You are the definition of a Woman Warrior! Stay safe in Afghanistan and please email your address to when you get a chance. Lots of Love + Success! Ashley + Paige


As a female serving right now in Afghanistan, thank you very much for your service, for projecting your positive message as well as creating amazing jewelry pieces for all Women Warriors! Almost three years ago, I had breast cancer and aggressively tackled the treatment and recovery to stay in the military. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Stay strong and continue your inspirational message!

Kayla Barnes

Thank you for sharing and thank you for your service, girls! You all are rockstars.


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