The August Featured Retail Partner is.. Lucy's Gift Boutique!

Over the past few months, we've completed a rollout of Shop-in-Shop fixtures in boutiques throughout the country and are continuing to add more daily. Our retail partners that have chosen to carry the fixtures have literally transformed sections of their stores into the ultimate Stella Valle shopping experience. Made in Rhode Island by Custom Design Inc., each fixture is custom-made, functional, sleek and modern! 

This month's featured retail
 partner is Lucy's Gift Boutique! With a significant presence in the boutique world, Lucy's has been instrumental in building brand awareness and generating excitement about Stella Valle. 

Lucy's has nine retail locations in Florida, and proudly carries Stella Valle in five of those locations with three in Jacksonville, one in Ormond Beach and one in Saint Johns. The Modern Charm Bars bring a new element to the already stylish, buzzing and popular boutiques, offering customers an interactive "shop-in-shop" shopping experience. (4 of the 5 locations pictured above) 

Some of the Lucy's Boutique ladies rocking their Stella Valle by the Modern Charm Bar! We always say, one of the best ways to showcase the jewelry is to show customers how it's supposed to be worn. We love seeing our Lucy's #womenwarriors helping to tell our story through their stacks. 

The feeling is mutual, Denise! We are extremely selective when choosing our retail partners, and it is partners like Lucy's that make our work so rewarding. We are thrilled to have a presence in Lucy's and to help women tell their stories of personal triumphs and victories through our jewelry. As Denise put it, we are all are warriors of something! Thank you Denise and the Lucy's team! 

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Lots of Love + Success,
Paige & Ashley


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