My three letter title _ _ _ turns into another three letter title _ _ _.

Can you guess from the title what this post is about? Yes! It’s true, I have been blessed to have that three-letter title - CEO turn into another three letter title - MOM! With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday I figured it was an appropriate time to share Johnny + my exciting news with all our friends, family, and followers - I am 17 weeks pregnant! I also wanted to share a personal story on the blog today of my journey to get to this point mentally to become ready to be a Mom because it wasn’t an easy decision for me.

For anyone that knows me, or has followed Ashley and I through our journey of starting Stella Valle (7 years ago), you understand we’ve worked non-stop and sacrificed a ton to get this company where it is today. Many years have gone by where I thought that Stella Valle would be my only baby because I was so obsessed with the business that I could not see myself being a Mom. It was the on-going joke with my husband, that I was a C-E-O first, and that even he didn’t think that I would want to be a Mom given my passion and love for our business was so strong. I internally struggled with the question of “Could I do it all and do it all well?” I was convinced that I couldn’t and wouldn’t. It wasn’t until I watched the Mom’s around me who honestly do it all everyday with their own careers and families that I realized I could do it all too.

When I watched the closest women around me—my Mom, and my sisters, Lindsay, Ashley, and Kate all be SUPER MOMs, I realized that I was no different (literally made from the same DNA) and would be able to manage a family and a business too. What I took from them most is their ability to separate the two and do either at that given time well. When they are at work, they are focused, dedicated, career-driven professionals. When they get home they are engaged, caring, loving mothers. I’ve seen Ashley, first hand juggle running the business with me and being a mom, and can honestly say that she’s never missed a beat. I think the secret to her success is setting a schedule. Her work day begins at 8:30am and goes until 5pm when her nanny leaves for the day. Family time begins until the kids go to sleep around 8pm. Once the kiddos are fast asleep, Ashley gets back on her computer until about 11pm or midnight to finish up work for the day. I didn’t say it was easy, but I said it was possible!

I don’t want to regret anything in life and deep down inside I thought I was taking the easy road if I choose not to be a mom because I didn’t think I could run a business and be a good parent. Instead, I embraced the challenge. I want to look back on life and say I was damn good at both of those three word titles- CEO and MOMJ.

To all the Moms and soon-to-be Moms enjoy your Mother’s Day and remember that you can do it all! You are Women Warriors! 

Lots of Love + Success, 

P.S. Now for the ADDITIONAL exciting news—It’s a GIRL! We can’t wait for her arrival this October!


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Best of luck and congrats on the upcoming addition to your family!

Btw, your bracelets made two moms in my life very happy!!

Robin Colfer

Congrats Paige!!! You are going to be fantastic! It’s been a while since we chatted, I am pregnant too…31 weeks with a girl…now we can have our frenchies and babies have a play date! Congrats & good luck


Congrats, Paige!!!! You will be an amazing mom!!!???


Paige! This is such a great read. I know you are going to be the best mom and still one amazing CEO!! ❤

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