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Suchanan Aksornnan

(aka Chef BaoBao), Renowned Chef at Baoburg in Brooklyn

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Chanan will set your world and mouth on fire! Raised in Thailand, she started her career at the very young age of 14. She got the nickname chef bao bao because it means baby is Chinese. However, she is no baby when it comes to cooking. Chanan has her own fusion restaurant in Williamsburg Brooklyn called Bao Boa, was named by Zagat as one of "30 Under 30" culinary rising stars in NYC and featured in numerous food & dining publications. She was also one of the contestants in a popular Esquire Network TV show, "Knife Fight". Recently, recognized her as one of 11 "The Most Badass Female Chefs in New York". She has also been a personal chef for some of the biggest celebrities around including Cameron Diaz, Janet Jackson, Lucy Lu, Marc Jacobs. Here’s what Chef Bao Bao says about being a Woman Warrior:

Nickname: Bao Bao
Social Media Handle: Instagram: Chef Bao Bao Facebook: Bao Bao
Birthdate: 02/28/1987
3 words that describe you best: Ambitious, Diligent, Passionate
1 interesting thing about you: I don't read much but I love more listening.
What does it mean to you to be a Woman Warrior? Women can sometimes find it hard to stand up for themselves. because of their receptive and sensitive nature, many women find it difficult to put on a warrior attitude and fight for what they believe in. A woman warrior is someone who defends core feminine values. She may stand up in defense of women rights, whatever her role, she achieves greatness by standing her ground and pushing for change. Women warriors possess as much strength, determination and fortitude as any man.
What inspires you to be a Woman Warrior? Definitely my family, my lovely boyfriend that always believe in me and being my big supporter, also my future dream goals.
Who are other Women Warriors that you look up to? My personal Woman Warrior is my chef mother. She's a fighter and worked hard. Doing her best, even when things were most difficult in the family. Even though she didn't change the world, she's still my hero.
If you could wish one thing for all Women Warriors, what would it be? Always believe in your spirit. Women Warriors possess a determined spirit, a "can do" attitude that drives their actions towards their goals. How are you inspiring others to be Women Warriors? Stand up for yourself, speak up every time you need to, and hold your head up proud.