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Nicole Ryan

SiriusXM Radio Host, The Morning Mash Up, Hits 1

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Meet the woman who started from the bottom and now she's here! Nicole began her career as a temp receptionist at Sirius Radio 10 years ago and quickly caught the attention of executives and radio personalities to land a role on one of the hottest radio shows going - Morning Mashup (Sirius XM Hits 1). Talk about someone who made the best of her role and made sure she was seen and heard! Nicole manages it all - being a wife, mother of 2, and a successful radio host and personality, in the toughest city and business in the world. We love Nicole because she does it with a positive attitude, humor, humbleness, and tenacity. Meet Nicole Ryan.

Nickname | Coley
Social Media Handle | @mashupnicole
Birthdate | 8/26/82
3 words that describe you best | strong, funny, compassionate
An interesting thing about you | I loathe wearing heels and would live in flip flops if I could. (what kind of woman am I!?! ;))
What does it mean to you to be a Woman Warrior | To be a role model for other woman that you can do and be and dream whatever you want to in life.
What inspires you to be a Woman Warrior? Honestly, I'm inspired by other woman I see doing incredible things in their lives and careers.
Who are other Women Warriors that you look up to? | I look up to my mother, friends who are working moms, and to my manager Aimee who is the hardest working woman I know. If you could wish one thing for all Women Warriors, what would it be? | I would wish for self doubt not to exist. It is a woman's worst enemy and truly there is no room for it in our journey through life!
How are you inspiring others to be Women Warriors? | I literally worked my way up to the place I'm at in my job now...I took a job as a receptionist and never gave up until I was on the radio at SiriusXM!