It’s that time of year again- time to reflect on the past year and look forward to new beginnings in the next! Every year, since we’ve embarked on the journey of building Stella Valle, we’ve written a letter to remind us of where we’ve been and more importantly think about where we are going! Every year, we set lofty goals for Stella Valle, and we continued to be amazed with how our business, our team, and ourselves change and grow over the years. We are thriving, and we exceeded the goals we set for Stella Valle in 2017!

Twenty seventeen was another growth year for Stella Valle. We gained over 300 new accounts including Nordstrom and doubled our team, retired our Women Warriors by Stella Valle line to focus on our Modern Day Charm Jewelry, and are poised for significant growth in 2018 and beyond. With each goal and milestone achieved, we seem to gain this unique sense of clarity about where we want our brand and our business to go! We are more ecstatic than ever to see our vision for the Stella Valle brand to flourish in 2018.

The I AM A WOMAN WARRIOR Campaign that we launched in January was loved among our family, friends, fans, and followers! Thousands of women joined the movement, and took the pledge to tell the world what makes them a Woman Warrior. Many purchased the I AM A WOMAN WARRIOR bracelet, now a signature piece in the line, and helped us support two important charities, The Headstrong Project and The National Breast Cancer Foundation! We absolutely loved seeing our Women Warrior Ambassadors and all of you embody being the confident, driven, mentally tough women we know you are! Women Warriors. Be One!

 Our Modern Day Charm Jewelry has proven to be the pieces that resonate with our customers.  We are excited to be focused on building out this unique concept in many new styles! In just a few days on StellaValle.com you’ll be able to custom engrave our heart bracelet with your very own message. How amazing will it be to put your own inspirational quote, your kids, names, your anniversary date, or whatever your heart desires on a bracelet?! Our Moments Collection, also launching in January, will help you celebrate those special moments in your life you want to cherish. They will be a great way to add to your stack!  We also have a few new symbols launching in the coming months as well as new birthstones earrings and rings! 

Stella Valle continued to be featured as a major brand to watch! Our very own CEO, Paige, achieved the honor of being chosen as one of Forbes’ 2017 30 under 30. With over 15000+ nominations and only 600 spots, 30 under 30 is harder to get into than Stanford or Harvard! Previous winners include Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, Snapchat's Evan Spiegel, SNL's Kate McKinnon, Chance the Rapper, and YouTube phenom, Michele Phan--and now Paige Dellavalle Walker, for being one of America's top young game-changers and entrepreneurs. WELL DESERVED PAIGE!

We say this every year, but it continues to hold true…our journey with Stella Valle has really been a dream come true for us! When we think about how we got here, we remember that there is no way we could have made it this far without all of you! We are so thankful for our dedicated customers and supporters. We can’t thank you enough!  We hope that we can inspire and empower you to embrace your authentic self and strive to achieve your life’s goals and dreams just as the Stella Valle vision reads. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make Stella Valle a better brand. We love your input and feedback!

We have many, many new exciting things in store for 2018…you are bound to see Stella Valle hitting new heights in 2018…and we can’t wait for you to rise with us! Follow us on our social channels to continue to take this amazing journey with us!  2018, here we come!

Lots of Love + Success, 

Ashley & Paige


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