Yesterday’s #WomanWarriorWednesday was our friend and the extremely talented Accessories Editor at Cosmopolitan + Seventeen Magazine, Nicole Fineo.  Nicole has supported Stella Valle from the very beginning!  

Photo Credit: Allie Holloway

She started in the fashion closet at Cosmo, and worked her way to covering fashion accessories for Cosmo + Seventeen.  We’ve sort of grown up in this crazy fashion world together. We asked Nicole to share her tips + tricks for styling Stella Valle. Here they are:

Mix High + Low:  I love wearing my sterling silver and diamond Stella Valle Collection pieces with my more affordable Women Warriors by Stella Valle pieces. I love the style of both!

Layer, Layer, Layer:  The more bracelets the better. I stack my Armed with Inspiration bracelets with my Stella Valle Collection bangles. I also like to match my Stella Valle Collection rings with Stella Valle Collection bracelets to tie my bracelets and rings together.  If I decide to layer rings and bracelets, I tend to go more simple in necklaces and earrings. If I layer necklaces, I stay simple in earrings. It's all about balance!

Mix Plating Colors: Don’t be afraid to mix gold + silver. It’s really an of-the-moment trend. Gone are the days when fashion girls are only wearing one plating color. 

So there they are! Don’t be afraid to try these tricks with your Stella Valle jewels! 


Lots of Love + Success, 

Ashley + Paige

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