You make my heart full

MOMMY | MINI Necklace Gift Set


MINI Necklace

MOMMY | MINI Bracelet Gift Set

INITIAL Bracelets

From the moment you were born, I knew life would never be the same.  I felt a love like I’ve never felt before. I felt a responsibility to be better and to do better for you.  My dream is to give you everything you need in life to be the best version of yourself! I want to be your role model and the one you come to when you need a laugh, cry, or just need to be loved. I want you to know that I am always here for you, no matter what the circumstance. I always want you to feel loved and to be happy, just as I feel when I am holding you. Mini, you make my heart full!

Give one, keep one; Heart necklace engraved with MOMMY and Heart necklace engraved with MINI 

Packaged in a beautiful Stella Valle gift box and includes Stella Valle brand card with name of piece and quote: MOMMY | MINI YOU MAKE MY HEART FULL.

The set comes with a Mommy Necklace and a Mini Necklace. You can add additional Mini necklaces to the set.

MOMMY: 18K Gold or Rhodium plated brass 1" heart shape bar pendant with 16" - 18" adjustable chain and lobster clasp. Engraved with MOMMY and Stella Valle logo

MINI: 18K Gold or Rhodium plated brass .5" heart shape bar pendant with 14" - 16" adjustable chain and lobster clasp. Engraved with MINI and Stella Valle logo

Stella Valle necklaces are adjustable to 14” or 16" (Mini) and 16” or 18" (Mommy). The image below shows a necklace worn at 16” and 18". 




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