The Women Warriors #BEONE movement inspires women to be the best version of themselves, achieve their biggest dreams, and have a positive impact on others while doing so.

Service and giving back has always been a part of who we are. We continue to support women and veterans through our #BEONE Giveback and invite you to help us.

Join the Women Warriors movement by purchasing an I AM A WOMAN WARRIOR bracelet. Currently, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation and The Headstrong Project.

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Take the pledge. Tell us what makes you a Woman Warrior and your pledge will be added to our gallery below.

Need a bit of inspiration? Scroll down to read what other women had to say.



See what other Women Warriors had to say


Check out these Women Warriors who inspire us everyday


Alexandra Dieck

(aka Lexicon of Style) Fashion Designer and Style Blogger

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Lex is a millennial on a mission to create a life she loves. This Austin, Texas native, living in NYC, is a fashion designer and style blogger not afraid to be true to herself. Lex began her journey as a designer at the University of Texas studying Textile and Apparel design. Today she designs digitally printed silk scarves that are as unique as she is! Lex embodies what it means to be a Woman Warrior. Check out what she says about it:

Nickname: Lex Social Media Handle: @lexiconofstyle
Birthdate: 03/22/1991
3 words that describe you best: creative, genuine, driven
1 interesting thing about you: I speak Spanish fluently?
What does it mean to you to be a Woman Warrior? It means everything to me. It means standing up for ourselves and for each other. I think the most important though is to support each other.
What inspires you to be a Woman Warrior? Success. But success in the sense of just being able to inspire at least one person’s life for the better.
Who are other Women Warriors that you look up to? There are too many!! But honestly one who I recently have become obsessed with is Caroline Vreeland. I think as a woman she is so determined and confident. I met her the other day and she's also one of the nicest and most genuine people. It's so important to remain grounded.
If you could wish one thing for all Women Warriors, what would it be? I wish that we can reach every woman out there to inspire them to be warriors themselves.
How are you inspiring others to be Women Warriors? Honestly, social media has such a voice now, I've been using it to try to communicate to others how important it is for us to love and support each other.

Rebecca Soni

6 Time Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer

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This kick a$$ swimmer + Woman Warrior has been an inspiration and a friend to Ashley + Paige since she was about 10 years old! After retiring as a pro-athlete, this 2x time U.S. Olympic Swimmer with 3 gold medals + 3 silver medals, is living the life she chose! She is helping other athletes find their best mind, body, and soul through her own company called, Rise Elite. What is amazing is that she has found her very own way to give back to the next generation of athletes. Here's what she says about being a Woman Warrior:

Nickname | Reb
Social Media Handle | @rebsoni
Birthdate | 3/18/87
3 words that describe you best | Adventure, Improvement, Mindfulness
An interesting thing about you | I thrive on challenge
What does it mean to you to be a Woman Warrior | To do the dirty work!
What inspires you to be a Woman Warrior? | My goals.
Who are other Women Warriors that you look up to? | My friends and family who show up day in and day out!
If you could wish one thing for all Women Warriors, what would it be? | That they’d stay motivated and know their fight is worth it!
How are you inspiring others to be Women Warriors? | By doing the work.

Dr. Lindsay Dellavalle

Physician, Veteran, + Single Mom to Special Needs Child

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Now this is one STRONG woman. Lindsay has been thrown so many curve balls in her life, but always manages to stay positive and have an amazing outlook on things! Lindsay, an Army veteran, doctor, and mother of two, has always been one to put others first. As our oldest sister, she was our second mom. She would do anything to make sure her little sis's were taken care of. Not to our surprise, her caring nature carried over into her career as a medical doctor. Lindsay spent a decade of her life not only serving her patients, but also serving her country. While in the Army, Lindsay had 2 babies. A sweet daughter, Emma, and a beautiful son, Chad. Chad is a special needs child. Her late husband, also an Army Doctor, passedt away just a few months after they separated from the Army. Now as a single mom, she continues to practice medicine, care for her children, and support others in need! Now that's awe inspiring. Here's what she says about being a Woman Warrior:

Nickname | Linny
Social Media Handle | @lindsay.dellavalle
Birthdate | May 24, 1981
3 words that describe you best | Caring, Humble, Mad-Scientist
An interesting thing about you | I don't remember life without glasses or contacts. I have had them since I was 4 due to amblyopia, or "lazy eye" which I wore a patch for a few hours every day from the age of 4 to 8.
What does it mean to you to be a Woman Warrior | A woman who doesn't let adversity get her down but uses it as a way to help or inspire others.
What inspires you to be a Woman Warrior? By being a better mom to my 2 kids, Emma and Chad, and a better physician to my patients.
Who are other Women Warriors that you look up to? | This is easy. My sisters and mom. I have been blessed with 4 strong women in my life. My three sisters are the type of women who can rock a ball gown or an M-16. They never stop until they reach their goals. They break down barriers every day and balance their family and their careers like champs. My mom is perhaps the most selfless person I have ever met. She would do absolutely anything for her family. I would be lucky to be half the mother to my children.
If you could wish one thing for all Women Warriors, what would it be? | To Love yourself.
How are you inspiring others to be Women Warriors? | By trying to be a good mentor. Be a good person. Be kind. Inspire others through my actions not just words.

Taylor Walker Sinning

(aka Taylor Walker Fit) Fitness model + blogger

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You know how energized and alive you feel when you meet someone that is so beautiful, smart, driven, sweet, humble, down-to-earth, thoughtful, fit, and just straight up cool?! Meet Taylor. She's amazing in every way, and she's Paige's sister-in-law! While Taylor isn't modeling for Nike, Under Armour, and Target...or teaching Barre...or coaching Spartan SGX, she is blogging about being healthy and happy on her fitness blog, Taylor Walker Fit. Here's what she says about being a Woman Warrior:

Nickname | Tay, T, Looney Lainey, Taymous and….Buttermilk. Yes, Buttermilk.
Social Media Handle | @TaylorWalkerFit
Birthdate | November 16, 1984
3 words that describe you best | Passionate, Determined, Optimistic
An interesting thing about you | I have a Master’s Degree in K-12 Physical Education. I never thought I would be a full-time model and blogger, but I am so in love with life right now!
What does it mean to you to be a Woman Warrior | Being a Woman Warrior means inspiring others to be their best selves day in and day out. It is about creating a life you are completely in love with. It means being a chameleon and chasing your goals and dreams without letting anything stand in your way. You may get knocked down, but you swiftly get back up and keep on going!
What inspires you to be a Woman Warrior? | get up never having to truly “work” a day in my life. When I achieved a Master’s Degree I had a path laid out in front of me clear as day. When my husband proposed, I was thrust out of my comfort zone, I had to start from scratch and literally did not know what I was going to do with my life. After five years of working around the clock and following my gut, I can say that my career, family and followers inspire me to be a Woman Warrior. Every "like", text message, hug and kiss from my husband inspires me to walk this life as a Woman Warrior.
Who are other Women Warriors that you look up to? | Paige and Ashley of StellaValle are two women Warriors that I look up to day in and day out. Paige is not only my sister-in-law, but one of my best friends. These women have created a global brand, and their journey has been awe-inspiring! The support and love they have shown me along their journey has been appreciated more than they will ever know! (Well now you know. Lol I love you both)
My mother is also a Woman Warrior who inspires me everyday. She raised three kids, graduated from college in her 50’s, started her own photography business and is at the height of her career as a sixty-year-old woman. A woman who does not look a day over forty btw. It is because of her experiences in life that I have been able to have the confidence to blaze my own path.
If you could wish one thing for all Women Warriors, what would it be? | I wish all Women Warriors could find true happiness. My life has had its fair share of up’s and downs, but today, with the love of my life by my side; my heart is full of light and the smile on my face is no longer one to cover anything up. It is one of true happiness. Plain and simple.
How are you inspiring others to be Women Warriors? | I started my blog ( as a way to connect with people around the world and to inspire them to live balanced yet healthy lifestyles! My motto is: “Drink the wine, eat the burger, do the sit-ups, celebrate you and live the happy-healthy life you love and deserve.” That is Taylor Walker Fit. My readers, followers, and clients are my inspiration to walk the walk and talk the talk every single day!

Nicole Fineo

Cosmopolitan Magazine Accessories Editor

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Nicole is the funny and quirky Cosmopolitan + Seventeen Magazine Accessories Editor. You might have also caught her on the new hit reality show, So Cosmo (E! 9pm EST). Nicole grew up as an only child, and she admits that shaped her into the person she is today. However, Nicole was far from the spoiled only child you might envision. She spent her days reading magazines and imagining herself chasing her dreams in New York. After college at the University of Florida, Nicole left her small town in South Florida and headed to NYC, alone with no job! She freelanced, interned, hustled, and worked at a restaurant to pay her bills, until she found a position in the PR Department at Tommy Hilfiger and then Cosmo Magazine. Nicole started from the very bottom, working in the fashion closet as a freelance assistant, but was eager and determined to get her foot in the door and show she was cut out for Cosmo. Nicole has managed to stay in the tumultuous magazine world for 6 years and worked her way up! Now, she is the Accessories Editor of both Cosmo and Seventeen Magazines, plus as of 2017, she is also a contributor to the new Women's Group of Hearst Magazines that include Good Housekeeping, Women's Day, and Redbook.

Nicole attributes her success to taking a risk and doing anything and everything she could to turn it into a success. Nothing was handed to her. Every door she opened for herself. Once ‘in the door,’ she worked very hard, kept her head up during challenging times (because we all have those!), and stayed humble, patient, and kept a sense of humor. Because at the end of the day, fashion is really very fun. You go Nicole!! Learn more about Nicole and her Woman Warrior ways below.

Nickname | Fineo!
Social Media Handle | @NicoleFineo
Birthdate | 5/5/87
3 words that describe you best | ambitious, neurotic, humorous
1 interesting thing about you | I am the only child! I can usually spot another only child when I meet someone new. It made me tremendously independent, a little quirky, and sometimes a little self involved, too.
What does it mean to you to be a Woman Warrior? | To create your own path, find drive and motivation from within, and continue to move forward without the need for validation from those around you (family, friends, colleagues). (Easier said than done!!) It’s important to have a strong support system, but at the end of the day only you know what is truly best for you. Seeking validation from others will keep you trapped. Achieve the goals that are important to you, FOR you, no matter how big, small, trivial or life changing that they may be.
What inspires you to be a Woman Warrior? Accountability!! | I’ve been in New York for almost 8 years now, and I came here completely by myself after college, without any family, very few contacts (and even fewer funds!). At that point, it was a matter of survival in New York. The city is so sink or swim — and being on my own in this way, I only had myself to blame/support/motivate. I still have that mentality, and I’m inspired to constantly be better each year, for myself. To continue to be accountable for my decisions (good and bad), and grow as a person every year.
Who are other Women Warriors that you look up to? | Hands down my mother. We fight like sisters, but at the end of the day we are SO similar and there is no one in the world who loves me more, or that I love more. I wouldn’t have the drive that I do without the example I had of a strong, motivated female who defined what it means to me to go after your goals. Growing up, I always saw that she didn't depend on anyone, and many times, didn't have anyone to depend on in the first place. My mother is one of five children, and grew up with little opportunity, never went to college and had her fair share of challenges in life. She always had the will to find a way to reach her goals and truly make something out of nothing for me growing up. She is the strongest person I know, and the older I get, the more thankful and grateful I am for the example I had.
If you could wish one thing for all Women Warriors, what would it be? | Don't just post on social media about supporting other women — actually do it! It starts with how you treat those around your day to day. Your receptionist at the doctor’s office, your waitress, the barista, your team at work. No Nobody is too busy or too important to be genuinely kind to someone. We all can motivate, encourage, and lift up one another. Not just our “inner circle,” and not just those you think may help you to get ahead.
How are you inspiring others to be Women Warriors? | Mentorship, kindness, and being genuinely open to helping and encouraging those around me. Nothing makes me happier than sharing knowledge with my friends, colleagues, etc. and getting insight from them back. At the end of the day, we’re all in this together. No one’s life is perfect, and we all have flaws, good days, embarrassing moments, and best-days-ever. Being vulnerable and honest with each other about our challenges can only unite and encourage us in finding solutions, humor, and motivation.

Lauren Ruotolo

Disabled, Author of Unstoppable in Stilettos, and Shoe Designer

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Lauren Ruotolo is the definition of a Woman Warrior. This New Yorker, and her fighting spirit, has never let her disabilities get in her way from pursuing her dreams. She has actually used them to her advantage. Lauren suffers from a rare disease called McCune Albright syndrome that stunts your growth. But it clearly didn’t stunt her ambition. Lauren was a director of Entertainment and Promotions at Hearst Magazines, produced E!’s Style Networks shows for Marie Claire and a TV special for The Food Network and Good Housekeeping, and is the author of the bestselling book, Unstoppable in Stilettos: A Girl's Guide to Living Tall in a Small World. In the fall of 2017, this media mogul is branching into design with the launch of her own shoe line, Unstoppable by Lauren Jae. The line offers in vogue shoes for the fabulously petite and the similarly minded. Learn what it means to be an unstoppable Woman Warrior like Lauren:

Nickname | LJ or Shorty
Social Media Handle | @laurenruotolo (instead) @laurenjaenyc (twitter)
Birthdate: 6/6/76
Three words that describe you best | Unstoppable, persistent, pioneer
One interesting thing about you | I'm 4'2, but my license says 4'6 haha
What does it mean to you to be a Woman, Warrior? | It means that I can climb a mountain in my heels while having the world at my fingertips
What inspires you to be a Woman Warrior? | To fight for the rights of every woman, child and everyone different to live in a world of inclusion
Who are other Women Warriors that you look up to? | Sheryl Sandberg, Elizabeth Warren, Madonna,
If you could wish one thing for all Women Warriors, what would it be? | That everyone would love themselves first
How are you inspiring others to be Women Warriors? | By opening up the conversation and spreading messages about Self Love & empowerment

Nicole Ryan

SiriusXM Radio Host, The Morning Mash Up, Hits 1

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Meet the woman who started from the bottom and now she's here! Nicole began her career as a temp receptionist at Sirius Radio 10 years ago and quickly caught the attention of executives and radio personalities to land a role on one of the hottest radio shows going - Morning Mashup (Sirius XM Hits 1). Talk about someone who made the best of her role and made sure she was seen and heard! Nicole manages it all - being a wife, mother of 2, and a successful radio host and personality, in the toughest city and business in the world. We love Nicole because she does it with a positive attitude, humor, humbleness, and tenacity. Meet Nicole Ryan.

Nickname | Coley
Social Media Handle | @mashupnicole
Birthdate | 8/26/82
3 words that describe you best | strong, funny, compassionate
An interesting thing about you | I loathe wearing heels and would live in flip flops if I could. (what kind of woman am I!?! ;))
What does it mean to you to be a Woman Warrior | To be a role model for other woman that you can do and be and dream whatever you want to in life.
What inspires you to be a Woman Warrior? Honestly, I'm inspired by other woman I see doing incredible things in their lives and careers.
Who are other Women Warriors that you look up to? | I look up to my mother, friends who are working moms, and to my manager Aimee who is the hardest working woman I know. If you could wish one thing for all Women Warriors, what would it be? | I would wish for self doubt not to exist. It is a woman's worst enemy and truly there is no room for it in our journey through life!
How are you inspiring others to be Women Warriors? | I literally worked my way up to the place I'm at in my job now...I took a job as a receptionist and never gave up until I was on the radio at SiriusXM!

Anchyi Wei

Fashion Blogger + Washingtonian Style Setter

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This is one confident Woman Warrior. Don’t mistake Anchyi’s sweet and soft spoken ways as a lack of motivation or confidence. Anchyi knows who she is and where she is going, and she isn’t afraid to express herself with her own personal style. As a mom with a full time job, and a fashion blog (Anchyi Adorned) on the side, she hustles day and night to pursue her passion in design and fashion. Her Instagram page is a work of art! It’s no wander she awarded the DC Style Setter Title. Here is what Anchyi has to say about being a Woman Warrior:

Nickname: Anchyi
Social Media Handle: @anchyi
Birthdate: 7/1974
3 words that describe you best: Passionate, progressive, individualistic
1 interesting thing about you: My college degree was in something completely opposite of fashion and arts - Civil Engineering!
What does it mean to you to be a Woman Warrior? To be comfortable in my own skin. To live for myself. To lead instead of follow. To not be afraid or be apologetic to be me.
What inspires you to be a Woman Warrior? Being around passionate, spear-headed women entrepreneurs like Ashley and Paige! Surrounding myself with strong women who kick ass everyday to achieve their goals and dreams. Also - my son! Parenthood is the toughest job I've ever encountered. Everyday I learn something new and that's made me stronger than ever.
Who are other Women Warriors that you look up to? Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Arianna Huffington, Anna Wintour
If you could wish one thing for all Women Warriors, what would it be? Be an influence for young girls and wipe out teen/child self esteem issues, so they can grow up to be confident adults
How are you inspiring others to be Women Warriors? Currently I am using social media to influence others to be individualistic and creative in their everyday dressing. A good outfit exudes confidence, but it's not necessarily the most trendy piece as much as something that makes you uniquely "you". Looking great also comes from within, and in the future I plan on influencing in the areas of healthy eating and lifestyle as well.

Suchanan Aksornnan

(aka Chef BaoBao), Renowned Chef at Baoburg in Brooklyn

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Chanan will set your world and mouth on fire! Raised in Thailand, she started her career at the very young age of 14. She got the nickname chef bao bao because it means baby is Chinese. However, she is no baby when it comes to cooking. Chanan has her own fusion restaurant in Williamsburg Brooklyn called Bao Boa, was named by Zagat as one of "30 Under 30" culinary rising stars in NYC and featured in numerous food & dining publications. She was also one of the contestants in a popular Esquire Network TV show, "Knife Fight". Recently, recognized her as one of 11 "The Most Badass Female Chefs in New York". She has also been a personal chef for some of the biggest celebrities around including Cameron Diaz, Janet Jackson, Lucy Lu, Marc Jacobs. Here’s what Chef Bao Bao says about being a Woman Warrior:

Nickname: Bao Bao
Social Media Handle: Instagram: Chef Bao Bao Facebook: Bao Bao
Birthdate: 02/28/1987
3 words that describe you best: Ambitious, Diligent, Passionate
1 interesting thing about you: I don't read much but I love more listening.
What does it mean to you to be a Woman Warrior? Women can sometimes find it hard to stand up for themselves. because of their receptive and sensitive nature, many women find it difficult to put on a warrior attitude and fight for what they believe in. A woman warrior is someone who defends core feminine values. She may stand up in defense of women rights, whatever her role, she achieves greatness by standing her ground and pushing for change. Women warriors possess as much strength, determination and fortitude as any man.
What inspires you to be a Woman Warrior? Definitely my family, my lovely boyfriend that always believe in me and being my big supporter, also my future dream goals.
Who are other Women Warriors that you look up to? My personal Woman Warrior is my chef mother. She's a fighter and worked hard. Doing her best, even when things were most difficult in the family. Even though she didn't change the world, she's still my hero.
If you could wish one thing for all Women Warriors, what would it be? Always believe in your spirit. Women Warriors possess a determined spirit, a "can do" attitude that drives their actions towards their goals. How are you inspiring others to be Women Warriors? Stand up for yourself, speak up every time you need to, and hold your head up proud.