Believe and you will become

BUTTERFLY Charm Necklace


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Be patient and trust your journey. Just like a butterfly, it takes time and effort to transform into a beautiful creature. There will be trials and troubles. There will be long days and sleepless nights. Transformation isn't easy. But remember, all good things take time. And most importantly bet on yourself. Believe that you can do anything you put your heart and soul into, because you can! Grow wings and fly, baby. All you have to do is believe and you will become! 

18K Gold or Rhodium plated brass chain 

20” oval link chain with round spring link and butterfly charm on other end

Chain links measure 15mm x 7mm

The necklace can be worn many ways:

  • With the charm in front at the bottom of the chain
  • With the charm at the back with only the chain showing at various lengths
  • As a Y or Lariat necklace 

Includes Stella Valle brand card with name of piece and quote

Round spring link allows for the necklace to be worn at different lengths up to 20" 


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