Follow Your Heart

PINK HEART 2" Earrings


HEART Bracelet

HEART 2" Earrings

COLOR Bracelets

Life is too short to not go where your heart leads you. Put your ear down close to your heart and listen hard. What is it telling you?.…It’s telling you what you truly want. It’s telling you what you deserve. It’s telling you there is no better time than now. Your intuition is your superpower. Don’t doubt it. Do it. Trust your journey. Empower your life. Stand tall. Look forward. Follow your heart – it knows the way. 

Pink Matte Plated Brass

2" heart shaped hoop earrings

Includes Stella Valle brand card with name of piece and quote


Stella Valle earrings are approximately 2” in diameter. They were designed to be light weight for comfort and everyday wear! 

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