Always in your heart



Knowing that I will never see you again turned my heart sideways. The grief I feel from losing you is like no other. I am lost without you. There is a sense of emptiness. Now, I realize that every single moment with you was special. The memories I have with you, I will cherish forever. I replay the everyday moments we've shared together and wish we could go back to them, but for now my sideways heart will be my reminder that you have never left my soul. You are with me now and forever, until we meet again, because you are always in my heart!

18K Gold plated brass

6.5" sideway heart cuff with pave Swarovski crystals with approximately 1" opening

Adjustable, one size fits most

Engraved with Stella Valle logo

Includes Stella Valle gift box and brand card with name of piece and quote

Stella Valle bracelets were designed for one size to fit most - about 95% of women. They are made of an exclusive brass metal alloy that allows them to be flexible and adjustable.

Follow the instructions below (also included on the Care Card in the packaging) to put on put on your bracelets.


How to put on a Stella Valle bracelet: 1. Grab both sides of the bracelet and pull gently to open. 2. Slide the bracelet on your wrist above your wrist bone. 3. Cup the bracelet and squeeze gently to close.

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