The magic is in you babe

UNICORN Charm Necklace


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Your magic is the fire in your heart that burns to passionately do the things you love. Your magic is in the way you inspire others to chase their dreams! Your magic is in the way you don't settle for less than your best. Your magic is in facing your fears head on, and having the courage to do things outside of your comfort zone. Your magic is the sparkle in your eye that lights up a room. Everyone can see, the magic is in you babe. 

18K Gold or Rhodium plated brass chain 

22” oval link chain with round spring link and unicorn charm on other end

Chain links measure 10mm x 5mm

The necklace can be worn many ways:

  • With the charm in front at the bottom of the chain
  • With the charm at the back with only the chain showing at various lengths
  • As a Y or Lariat necklace 

Includes Stella Valle brand card with name of piece and quote

Round spring link allows for the necklace to be worn at different lengths up to 22" 


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