I’m sure you’ve heard of the Arm Party, claimed to be coined by the famous fashion blogger, Man Repeller….but have your heard of the Ear Party? Well if not, we’ll show you how to wear earrings like you’ve never seen before.  You’ll be dressing up your ears this Halloween…and we don’t mean wearing cat ears!


1 Lots of Layers: Just like clothes in the fall, earrings can be layered, and you don’t necessarily need multiple piercings to make this happen. Ear cuffs (like our Positive and Blessed Ear Cuffs in our Women Warriors line), can be slipped around the ear and will stay put making it easy to try this trendy look without much risk. Try layering the same ear cuffs and multiple studs (like our Live and Dream Studs) for a simple on-trend statement.


2 Front Back Earrings: These have been popular for some time now, but we’ve created a pair that feel modern, but classic, called the Authentic Front Back Earrings. Best part about front back earrings—it’s two pairs in one. Wear only the stud for day, and throw on the back for a cool look at night.


3 Ear bars: We aren’t trend followers, we’re trend starters! If you want to be a trend starter too, you must try our Sweet Nothings Ear Bar. We designed this unique ear bar to go across the top of you ear. We paired it with the stud from the Hooked Ear Cuff. We dare you to try this trend before you are just a trend follower! 


We are excited to see you dress up your ears for Halloween, so we are offering you 20% off all earrings from today until Halloween at mid-night using the code Halloween20. Don’t forget to show us your ears all dressed up using #SVStyle.


Lots of Love + Success,

Ashley + Paige


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