Meet Amanda Donahue: This Woman Warrior Pursues Her Dreams while Inspiring Other Women to do the Same

Today's Woman Warrior nomination goes to Amanda Donahue. When asked what it means to be a Woman Warrior, Amanda responded, "I have personally struggled with the societal pressures of achieving what it means to be “beautiful”, if you are a woman. I let the world I live in dictate my happiness on my physical appearance, ultimately leading me to a very unhealthy, restrictive diet and exhausting workout routines. This lifestyle forced me to trade in my happiness for a smaller body- a body that was weak, depleted, and a mind that was lost and crying for help. Diagnosed as orthorexia, I battled with learning to love myself and to forgive myself for the self-punishment I put myself through. It took time to heal- I learned to trust myself, open my mind to new ways of thinking, to learn the value of nutrition, and understand how nutrition fuels our bodies to perform, live, grow, and function. It was truly eye opening. By educating myself, I fell in love with strength training and nutrition, and how they harmoniously complement each other in building strong, beautiful, and muscular minds and bodies. By stepping out of my comfort zone, I embraced the changes in my body, and I appreciated the beauty of the human body. I successfully exiled my disordered eating habits, and expended my discipline into the world of competitive bodybuilding. I have competed in 7 competitions, placing in the top 3 at every one of them! I discovered my passion through my adversity, and I ambitiously seek to continue to grow stronger each day I can, and this is why I identify as a #WomanWarrior!

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