This Month's Featured Retail Partner is... Occasionally Yours!

Over the past month, we've completed a rollout of Shop-in-Shop fixtures in boutiques throughout the country. Our retail partners that have chosen to carry the fixtures have literally transformed sections of their stores into the ultimate Stella Valle shopping experience. Made in Rhode Island by Custom Design Inc., each fixture is custom-made, functional, sleek and modern. 

This month's featured retail partner is Occasionally Yours! With five locations in Ohio and one in Indiana, Occasionally yours is really helping to spread brand awareness and build up brand excitement!

Some of the Occasionally Yours ladies rocking their Stella Valle by the Modern Charm bar! 

...Speaking of Modern Charm Bar, how great does this setup look?! The open concept of the merchandising allows the customer to focus on the cross-section of the product, which is the most important and unique part!

We always say the best way to showcase the product is by showing the customer what it looks like on a person. We encourage our retail partners to have their employees create and wear their own stacks! The Occasionally Yours team definitely knows how to create great stacks! 

It's always fun to see the different ways the Stella Valle jewelry can be photographed. We love the look of mixing metals and silhouettes and angles to create modern and unique imagery!

It is partners like Occasionally Yours that make our job so much fun! Working with the Occasionally Yours team has highlighted to us their true dedication to their partnerships and their genuine excitement about the Stella Valle brand. We can't thank them enough for their support, commitment and enthusiasm! 

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Lots of Love + Success,
Paige & Ashley 

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