Self-love is my first love



It's all about embracing your instinct, going with your intuition, discovering yourself, and building your self confidence. Fully love yourself and the woman you are before you love others. It'll make that love even that much greater! Tell yourself every morning you wake up and look in the mirror, Self-love is my first love. 



18K Gold or Rhodium plated brass

Heart shaped ring

Size 7 - Adjustable to sizes 6 + 8

Includes Stella Valle brand card with name of piece and quote

Stella Valle rings were designed for one size to fit most. They are made of an exclusive brass metal alloy that allows them to be flexible and adjustable. The rings will come to you as a size 7, but can be adjusted smaller or larger as needed. To adjust larger, slide the ring down a graduated ring size to the size needed. To adjust smaller, cup the ring with two fingers and squeeze to close.

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